If you are looking for pure raw honey, this is the place for you. Our honey is extracted and run through a sieve to remove large particles of wax and bee parts, straight into the bottle – no pasteurizing, no additives. We are the first varietal honey brokers in Orange County.  

OC Local Honey.com was established in 2010 by Amy Cripps. She has been keeping bees since 2007 and started selling her own honey. Amy has served on the board of the Orange County Beekeepers Association in every position. 

In 2015, Christine Ferrian became a partner and CFO of OC Local Honey.com and has enjoyed the hobby of beekeeping since 2011. Amy and Christine saw a need to connect small local beekeepers to a honey market besides the farmer's markets. The idea of a honey brokerage was born. 

What Christine and Amy love best about their business is giving people access to different varieties of local honey and teaching the public about tastings and pairings. They do honey tastings for corporate events, fairs, festivals, and private events.  Most people don’t realize that the flavor, color, and consistency of honey is determined by the nectar that the bees collect. Honey tasting is exciting and has the sensory qualities paralleling that of wine tasting. Have fun experimenting with culinary adventures and wine pairings!